Ooooh, 3D!

I’m really spending too much time in front of the computer! Not that I usually mind my somewhat eremitic life – focusing on some of the things I do requires some peace and quiet, but even I need to get out from under my tree from time to time. So I decided that this would be one of those weekends where I would go to the cinema and afterwards do some partying. Being quite particular about movies, I had to decide what to watch, and seeing, that there’s only crap like Prince of Persia or Iron Man 2 running in the current regular schedule, watching Avatar a second time became the lesser of all evils. Content wise I stand by everything I wrote in my initial review, but this time I watched it in 3D and had a little more time to focus on the visuals. Most notably, seeing it in 3D brings out a few details that are drowning in the DOF in the 2D version, but beyond that the film still felt flat in a sense. Given, that allegedly it has been shot and produced in native 3D and not upconverted like other movies, the result was disappointing. Ultimately this convinces me even more that 3D is a fad not worth spending the money. Not that it would change anything – 3D is here to stay, no doubt, but it’s really just a way of milking viewers’ purses that doesn’t add anything to the movie itself. You know, you have these scenes where it’s "in your face" and looks like those lenticular postcards with obvious parallax, and then for the rest of the time it looks like a normal 2D movie. Oddly enough, the over the top 3D works well for trailers, though. Those 3-eyed alien puppets from Toy Story doing this "Oooh, 3D!" and sticking out there hands of the screen is just hilarious as are the Toy Story 3 trailers exploiting the theme.

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