Better Living thanks to Kopriva-Man™ (and a Photoshop Update)

Since these things usually fly below the radar, I think it’s worth mentioning that every After Effects user’s favorite documentation guy and regular forum reply machine, Todd Kopriva, in his second, secret life as a motor biker only known as Kopriva-Man™, has now been honored (or punished?) with doing the same for Premiere Pro. This can only be good, as the After Effects help is probably one of the most comprehensive ones for any conventional Adobe product, rich with additional info and comments and sets a very high standard. Something you won’t find in neglected places like the Illustrator help, for sure. Now the only problem is that I’m still waiting for one of those fancy HP Z-800 workstations so I can actually work with Premiere Pro CS5 and whip around stuff in realtime and have a reason to actually go to the online help…

In other news, Photoshop CS4 is having some problems with a few file types and you may wish to apply this security update. Personally, I really do not understand why people turn their program in a garbage dump by loading tons of extra brushes, gradients and swatches, but apparently it’s not that uncommon and anyone with a sense for security should probably act before that Valentine’s Day brush set you downloaded last year, but never used so far, unleashes some not so pleasant guests when you use it now.

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