They are Cylons and they have a Plan – The Plan

Fresh from the production line, Battlestar Galactica – The Plan arrived on Wednesday, I had set aside some time to watch this movie that same day and on Thursday and needed a little time to let it sink in. First off, anyone should be aware that this is strictly a movie for fans. If you have never seen the series, it will be quite confusing to watch. On the other hand, and that really is the problem, it will likewise disappoint those fans. Why? Well, for the most part it simply takes away the mystery by explaining too much and makes the Cylons appear more than slightly not so clever. The beauty in the main series is that it leaves a few lose ends (except for the ending that came all too soon and tries to force a resolution on some things) and once you’ve seen The Plan, some of the events and scenes lose considerable impact. We always somehow knew that there were more Cylons in the fleet and that someone was pulling strings, but it was not really necessary to spell it out. Dean Stockwell is of course brilliant as the various Cavils and exactly shows what you’d expect from a "true" Cylon and this cynicism and sarcasm really makes it funny. Also the movie has some excellent CG stuff, especially at the beginning, where we see some more of the colony planets and the actual attack. Amazingly enough, they still use Lightwave for their work, which shows how robust it is for quick turnarounds, regardless of its other shortcomings. As a longtime LW user myself, it makes me feel good. On the other hand, you can see that this movie has been done after a lot of the original sets had been scrapped or auctioned off so we don’t get to see much new there. Still, even with its flaws, the film makes a good addition and is definitely a lot better than Caprica in almost every aspect that matters – that is story and acting.

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