Steve, Shantanu, John and Charles

Episode 279 of the Apple vs. Flash TV saga: Back to the 90’s. At least that’s the impression you get when looking at this ad (PDF) Adobe apparently had printed in a number of reputable US magazines. You may think whatever you want, but this really is funny to observe from a distance. Now even the granddaddies of Adobe, John Warnock and Charles Geschke feel the need to chime in after current chief honcho Shantanu Narayen gave a more immediate response a few days ago. Will any of that put anyone’s mind at ease? Probably not. People are still scared like shit and if nothing else, that is the big danger in this whole discussion – it paralyzes what otherwise would be a more organic, natural development of the Internet. Thank God I never bothered to make a living with Flash or I wouldn’t get much sleep these days because worried clients would call me all the time…

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