And the story continues… A user on the Adobe forums just reported, that he couldn’t open a 3DS file in CS5, that will import without trouble in CS4. This is getting better and better – in a very gloomy and negative sense. It’s weird, to say the least, that a huge company like Adobe, who should have a repository with Gigabytes of test files (and enough money to buy a license of any 3D program on this planet to create even more test files) can’t manage to properly support a 20 year old 3D file format. Okay, I give them some credit in that Autodesk modified the format a couple of times – a 3DS file exported from a current version of MAX is not the same as one saved from the original 3D Studio for DOS, but still, not having a handle on this makes the Photoshop 3D engineers look like a bunch of morons, when even freeware apps coded by one man alone can probably handle those files without a hitch…

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