The World is changing,…

… or it isn’t. What apparently doesn’t change is that some bugs never get fixed and Adobe prefers to just ignore them to maintain the illusion of perfection. Following my initial attempts at giving Repoussé a spin led me to some deeper investigation of various matters surrounding the crookedness of what they call 3D and I came up with the following results on my machine:

  • I have this weird issue, where the tile pattern overlay of the CS5 renderer will not disappear when it’s finished. This only happens in the 32bit version of Photoshop, but the 64bit one works without flaw. Go figure! (usually it’s the other way around).
  • Unlit Texture rendering mode is still busted and cannot be used in combination with edge rendering – edges simply will not use any color other than white. This issue has already been in Photoshop CS4! There goes my comic!
  • Importing 3D PSDs and rendering them in After Effects results in a different render Gamma being used.
  • Textures look a whole lot worse in After Effects than they do in Photoshop.
  • 3D PSDs created in Photoshop CS4 do not open correctly in After Effects CS5. they use the wrong view or produce no camera at all.
  • In reverse, 3D PSDs created in Photoshop CS5 seem to shift the camera by 2 or 3 pixels in After Effects CS4. I haven’t found a clear reason yet, but this may be a problem. And they also use a completely crooked Gamma, making things almost unbearably dark.
  • Based on what another user encountered, there may be an issue where 3D content is not displayed correctly in After Effects CS5, if the graphics card in the system is not equally suitable for Photoshop and After Effects.

Mind you, the above findings are the result of only 1 or 2 hours spent, so I’m wondering why nobody ever noticed them nor cares to fix them. If I dug any deeper, I’m sure i could add 10 more entries to the list… When you market Repoussé as one of the CS5 key features for Photoshop and encourage people, this should at least work, should it not?

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