A Saturday in Agony

It’s not-so-smart-people day on the forums (you know, when you can answer half the questions by copy&pasting links to the After Effects FAQ forum or the After Effects online help) and it considerably adds to a so far very frustrating Saturday.

In a bold effort to straighten out my various installs of Adobe software and get a clean install of the new Master Collection CS5, it really bunked up my system when I had to get rid of my old installs, that were "locked" due to some updates never having gone through and Beta software having been run on the machine. So far so good. What really ruined my day, is how unreliable Adobe’s installers were and still are. Trust me, I have installed CS3, CS4 and CS5 a million times and I knew that this wouldn’t be a walk in the park and take the better half of a day, but never did I expect such a mess! Little did i know that what was meant to be a 4 hour session would turn into what could easily become an 18 hour day….What is especially disappointing, is how useless in the end all those clean-up scripts and other tips are, when the main installers don’t care to set proper user permissions in a way that would allow successive installs to just overwrite registry keys and files. So there I sat, sifting through endless lists of registry keys, adjusting their security properties and fighting the bitch that is called Version Cue/ Adobe Drive. *argh*

As I’m writing this, the new installs are still running, but imagine, what it actually would cost if this was paid:

– 2 hours of uninstalling the old stuff
– 1 hour of running clean-up scripts and manually removing other garbage
– 2 hours of wasted install attempts
– 2 hours of tracking and fixing permission issues thereafter
– 2 hours of reinstalling everything
– 3 hours of downloading and installing updates and patches

At an hourly rate of 50 Euros (which really is the lower end of the price range here), those 12 hours would have earned or cost me 600 Euros, depending on which side of the fence I were. so given that, it’s really no wonder people deeply despise Adobe‘s installers…

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