Bank Gothic is the new Comic Sans!

Finally, it seems, we have arrived at a point where Bank Gothic has taken over the world. In addition to my continued frustration with the typeface being overused for every movie trailer, I just couldn’t help but think "What an idiot!" when someone mentioned finding it cool on a forum. *geez* Not only that, but just yesterday I saw a lease car from a local Opel dealer using it, when in fact Opel have this wonderful, custom font for all their advertising and marketing. I really feel like ripping his tires with a sharp knife. So much distastefulness simply hurts! Whatever you do – don’t make the same mistake! Set yourself apart by not using this awful type. There is so many more beautiful fonts to explore and buying one or the other not only helps type designers to pay their living, but helps you in designing better, more original pieces. That is even true for tutorials, so dear Andrew, please reconsider for your next ones.

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