Clash of the Titans

Since I’ve been distracted a bit with matters of the physical world I didn’t have time to watch this, but of course in the open war on Apple vs. Flash a reply from one CEO to the ponderings of another CEO couldn’t take long. Yeah, just like his counterpart, he is right on some things, but not so right on others, but at least the more insights you gain on how such corp heads think, the more you understand the underlying matters of protecting specific business models and selling them as a "vision" to the rest of the world.

In other news, I saw the movie that lends this post its title. Having read some quite devastating reviews I was quite reluctant, but well, the things we do for love… My greatest fears were confirmed and it is really a shitty movie. Sam Worthington is hopelessly miscast as the main hero, the camera work is poor, the acting is cheesy, the story inconclusive and there is almost no 3D that would justify the higher ticket price. Even the use of GenArts’ Sapphire is so obvious and excessive, it hurts the eye. Definitely stay away from this movie.

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