Cause and Effect

*Star Trek – The Next Generation, season 5, episode 18

Like in that episode, it seems that in matters of Flash vs. Apple‘s vision of a "clean", standards conform Internet we are just as much stuck in a temporal loop as the crew of the Enterprise. Looks like time travel has finally been invented and you can have a Déjà-Vu every day if you so desire. Regardless of everybody already having thrown his views out there and a bunch of corporate types having made themselves look like utter dorks just the same, a certain Mr. Jobs, who runs another quite big garage company, couldn’t resist the temptation, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show. He’s of course right on some accounts, but then wrong on just as many others. Particularly disappointing is how he takes a claim to what he calls open standards, when in fact e.g. H.264 is just as proprietary as Flash video, was developed by a conglomerate of commercial companies and to this days has therefore licensing fees attached. It just happened to be available and quite coincidentally fit into their plans for world conquest. Generally this talk about "proprietary" or not coming from Apple always leaves a bad taste – come to think of it, most of what they do is built around a closed business model. Not that I mind – it’s their show and they decide who they let in their circus, but perhaps someone should remind them that when it comes to their own interests, they are quite defensive and actually pro-actively shut out people. This even directly relates to this Flash discussion, as only a short while ago they released libraries that allow third-party programmers to exploit certain hardware acceleration functions for decoding video, meaning that no matter how much resources Adobe had thrown into this, they would never have been able to live up to Apple‘s native routines because they couldn’t access those hardware resources. Makes you think quite a bit about who has an agenda here and why. Don’t even get me started why the companies seem to hate each other so much these days. I have no clue where it’s coming from. Probably it’s the old curse of the greedy trying to get even richer and exploiting every means at their disposal to whack their competitors. Unfortunately neither is in a position they can live without each other, as the symbiosis has gotten so deep, it would hurt both if it came to an end, so we can look forward to more weirdness in this love-hate-relationship in years to come, including CEOs, product managers and many other "suits" acting like kids battling for the shovel in a sand lot.

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