Your quarterly Error Codes are here!

Since I’ve been rather busy lately with several things surrounding the Adobe™ Creative Suite®­ CS5 (yes, their branding guideline really wants you to write it this way, if possible, and I’ve always wanted to do this once in my life at least… ;-) ) announcement and all the wonderful things happening with it, such as the inclusion of Freeform, it took a bit longer to update the After Effects Error Code Database. Not that there would be any rush, but it’s always nice if you can stick to a regular schedule and I actually always regret not being able to cram in more of this stuff. Well, now I have and I hope you can find something fresh and useful there. And, BTW, if you want to see some evidence of how useful Freeform can bee, see this sample clip and buy this shit. What helps Mettle/ Digieffects, helps me (at least a tiny bit).

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