Just as predictably as some software vendors bring out new versions every year, the Cirque du Soleil has arrived at a level where they are producing 2 new shows each year. In the last 3 or 4 years a lot of that stuff has meant fixed shows in Las Vegas or other places of the world plus many other shows touring in places where I never could hope to go, but it seems at least on a greater, more generic level this seems to improve. Their latest creation, Totem, will indeed make it quite quickly to Europe and be shown in Amsterdam in October. Now that doesn’t necessarily help me much, as it’s still quite far away from where I live, but it increases the chances of seeing it quite soon-ish here in Germany, too. That’s assuming they time their dates accordingly and really come to Leipzig, Halle, Dresden or at least Berlin. My ongoing chagrin with their currently touring shows, Saltimbanco and Varekai, revolves all around that. Either they are simply too far away (considering, that Stuttgart or Mannheim are about 700 km away; going there for one of the shows seems quite irrational due to train fares and hotel costs) or, which happened to me with Varekai, I always seem to miss it by a few days – I’m in Düsseldorf for a tradeshow and they are in Berlin only for them to raise their big top 2 weeks later in Oberhausen (near Düsseldorf) when I’m back home. *argh* My only consolation is, that at least these two shows are available on DVD so i can watch whenever I feel like it, but I really would love to see the real thing one of those days (preferably as long as I’m still young enough to enjoy the spectacle).

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