*bah* Friggin’ Announcement Day

You know, I’m really not looking forward to the days when Adobe does new product announcements as today’s CS5 one. Wanna know why? In a very predictable manner the following annoyances happen every time:

  • One half of people keeps pointing out how great and good and *blahblahblah* this new release is until that pink emo-goo from Ghostbusters 2 drips from your ears.
  • The other half keeps insisting that the new version is still as crappy as the previous one and that they won’t upgrade (only to quietly order an upgrade from Amazon 2 weeks later)
  • The web is polluted with articles from journalists you thought were overrun by a truck 5 years ago for the good of humankind.
  • We get a new episode of the Russell Brown Show.
  • Book authors start their propaganda for updated versions of their book you just bought a month ago for the previous release.
  • Everybody complains about the general unfairness of people in different parts paying different prices and a company actually having the audacity to charge for their products.

So with all that, do your really need me to tell you anything more on the matter? I hope not, since I seriously don’t intend to.

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