The Week of Hell is over!

Ah, trade shows, don’t we all love them? Endless days of trying to finish up projects, so presentation screens don’t stay black, last minute changes every day, sleep deprivation and too much coffee… I just had one such week because I was preparing some content for NAB for some friends. So if you see some odd looking stuff there, it could have been me. In related news, of course with the CS5 announcement event slated for Monday, plug-in developers are beginning to trickle more info about their planned upgrades/ updates along with the new product announcements, some of which I already mentioned. Fellow After Effects mad man Sébastien Perier has put up a brief summary of the available info so far on his blog. I will of course work this info into my own After Effects Plug-In Guide in due time, which, lucky for you, should now be pretty soon.

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