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Hey, Mr. Postman….

I hope whoever delivers packets and parcels onto your doorstep is halfway good looking, because if you ordered or pre-ordered Adobe‘s new CS5 products, you might see him or her soon again. Personally, I prefer the cute guy kind, mostly being students earning some money to finance their semesters. You know, the ones where you […]

Cause and Effect

*Star Trek – The Next Generation, season 5, episode 18 Like in that episode, it seems that in matters of Flash vs. Apple‘s vision of a "clean", standards conform Internet we are just as much stuck in a temporal loop as the crew of the Enterprise. Looks like time travel has finally been invented and […]

“Okay you Cunts… Let’s see what you can do now!”

*Hit Girl in "Kick-Ass" Coolest movie of the last 5 years! Definitely! I haven’t been at the movies for a while now, but having a lovely young man over to visit, I hardly had an excuse to not go and we opted for Kick-Ass, which in retrospect was pretty damned smart. We had so much […]

Les Petit Choses (The Little Things)

A very observant visitor of my blog pointed me at a wrong link on the start page that has been lingering there ever since. I now fixed the problem and also took the opportunity to do some other minor adjustments on the start page. I will continue to sprinkle in these little fixes and adjustments […]

Fun with Displacements

As I was writing yesterday, I had been quite busy recently with creating a few things using Freeform. Now I usually don’t show off my work for a number of reasons (not to everyone, anyway), but a friend suggested I let not the work I put into this one go to waste and just render […]

Your quarterly Error Codes are here!

Since I’ve been rather busy lately with several things surrounding the Adobe™ Creative Suite®­ CS5 (yes, their branding guideline really wants you to write it this way, if possible, and I’ve always wanted to do this once in my life at least… ;-) ) announcement and all the wonderful things happening with it, such as […]


Just as predictably as some software vendors bring out new versions every year, the Cirque du Soleil has arrived at a level where they are producing 2 new shows each year. In the last 3 or 4 years a lot of that stuff has meant fixed shows in Las Vegas or other places of the […]