Garçon Stupide – Stupid Boy

Since I had been working very long on at the computer last night to finish some things up, I kinda managed to catch this weird movie on TV to wind down (if you can call it that at around midnight) that your mom warned you about. Swiss-French co-production Garçon Stupide (Stupid Boy) revolved around the ventures of some not so bright, but damn hot looking 20 year old gay boy discovering his way. Aside from a few near pornographic scenes that reminded me of what I missed (or not, depending on your interest in group sex with men 20 years older than you *lol*) by coming out of the closet a little later and some detailed descriptions of sexual practices, I couldn’t find much that would be all that scandalous, but I guess most TV reviews are written by straight people, which explains a lot. Anyway, while I didn’t really like the Dogma style shooting and at times everything was drifting a bit too much into gay stereotypes, I couldn’t resist to stick with it until the end, oddly enough, in part because many of those stereotypes are all too true and it clicked in my mind, making me do these confirming nods. What was not so brilliant about the movie was its total lack of a storyline. Okay, it had these short intermezzos of cutie Loïc with his best girly friend Marie and a few other montages, but in terms of really telling a tale it felt empty, which also sort of ruined that happy ending where cutie meets another cutie boy on a Ferris wheel with an intense exchange of looks. After all the drabness of the rest of the movie it was really out of place. You know, 20 year old slackers don’t change overnight and stop fucking around just to suddenly go off on a search for "true love"… So for what it’s worth, while the piece has its virtues in portraying some of the misery surrounding gay life and its confusions, especially for the young ones, it’s not a movie that you have to see – not even on an afternoon chit chat with a bunch of other gay guys.

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