A Tank full of Protectionism

Globalism is a lie! At least, it seems, when it doesn’t work in favor of US American interests. even more so, when those interests are of the military kind and drag a tail of political agendas behind them. So inevitably, what was bound to happen, very predictably happened: Airbus consequently tugged in their tail and have now withdrawn from the US air tanker bid for a replacement of the aging Stratotanker fleet with partner Northrop-Grumman. This leaves only Boeing in the race and guess how high chances are they won’t get the contract now. What is weird that all this happens – again – against better knowledge of all involved. Not only did Airbus win the initial bid before some lobbyists declared it unfair, but even analyses of high-ranking US Air Force personnel as regularly published in mags like Combat Aircraft, Aviation Week and of course Jane’s cite more reasons in favor of the European offering then the home built one, which is a not so minor novelty in this game. Well, but you see how some lobbyist money can turn the tide. I sincerely regret the US people for having to finance more domestically built military tech that doesn’t cut it due to over-budgeting, endless delays and technical issues an extremely unhappy military having to use it. The Airbus tanker is ready today, the Boeing one might not be for another ten years.

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