Oscar Shootout!

It’s that day of the year again… One day after the Oscars were handed out, everybody is still in shock and awe, some are happy, some a little less happy, some disappointed. I for one am quite satisfied. Okay, I really don’t care for Precious or The Blind Side, as these are quite American (in that they cover topics that are of quite limited interest here across the pond) movies I will probably never watch, regardless of their merits, but I’m more than just a little pleased that The Hurt Locker got its fair share of golden mannequins. The Academy has not necessarily shown taste or brains in past selections, but this one deserves it all the way. What also makes me sigh with relief, is that they put Avatar where it belongs. I really would have hated it, if such a mediocre movie had taken golden boys for best movie, best editing and all that. Even the idea of it sounds perverse….

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