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Everybody shut up!

Video on the web is everywhere and even I, who dislikes YouTube as much as your granny dislikes your new boyfriend, cannot avoid the occasional odd encounter when people ask for specific effects they like on forums, pointing to those video references. Now for the most part, I really don’t care how it works as […]

Bad Taste Party

It’s spring and everything is in bloom, hormones are raging, sex drive is increasing and apparently so is some people’s creativity – or at least what they perceive it to be. Could be me, but there seems some sort of explosion of "Please help me with my logo" threads recently and I swear if I […]

The Foundry wipes the Floor…

…with Bodypaint and Photoshop. Yes, it seems after all these years someone has taken up the challenge of coming up with a "proper" 3D texture painting tool that gives the two old stinkers the boot. Especially Photoshop‘s sucky 3D painting abilities will now be even less attractive to 3D artists. Sorry guys, you have lost […]

The CS5 is upon you!

We all knew or kinda guessed it and now it’s official – sort of. Adobe Creative Suite CS5 will be announced (or will it be the announcement of an announcement?) on April 12th. Until then, you can either follow things on this really ugly and annoying page and pre-register or discuss your heads hot on […]

Garçon Stupide – Stupid Boy

Since I had been working very long on at the computer last night to finish some things up, I kinda managed to catch this weird movie on TV to wind down (if you can call it that at around midnight) that your mom warned you about. Swiss-French co-production Garçon Stupide (Stupid Boy) revolved around the […]

Photoshop 3D – some clarifications

Yepp, this is going to be one of those boring summary posts that I’ll keep handy for pointing people to on forums, but in light of a few recent cries for help on said forums, I really feel it is necessary to get a few things straight. Of course it’s a shame I actually need […]

Print is dead, long live InDesign?

Today is an odd anniversary for a product, that, while considerably younger than Photoshop, may be with us for a much shorter time in years to come. Yes, the talk is about InDesign. I turns 10, which is amazingly young for a print-centric program, but an eternity in the fast-lived realm of the internet. Conceived […]