A little Bit of this, a little Bit of that…

Sifting through my personal collection of projects here on my computer is a constant reminder of how many of them are not yet finished or reworked and thus will probably never see the light of day. It’s amazing, that even after all these years I can manage to get myself into trouble with coming up with the craziest ideas. Oddly enough, I really do enjoy this kind of digital problem solving where I spend hours on end debugging expressions or looking for workarounds of limitations in plug-ins and effects. Now all that’s missing in the equation is getting paid for it… Anyway, every now and then I actually get some of that finished in a way that it is safe to use even for less code-savvy people and ready to publish. Today is one such day. I have added a few projects to my After Effects Resources pages. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take me another half a year before I can add more.

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