Loose Fit? Not here!

Apparently as a gay person, I take some interest in matters of size. I can’t deny it and I won’t, but there is no need to discuss the details here until you are the guy who’s snogging with me. ;-) In more scientific ways, other people also take interest and, which is why I am posting this, it seems that what we all suspected for a long time, is finally true: When the condom is all in wrinkles, you have seriously overestimated your sexual prowess! (here and here). That is of course not only bad for your self-image, but may do terrible things to your and your partner’s health. So even if you’re with the fraction that buy their undies two sizes over to have breathing room, so to speak, in this one case, measure to fit! And yeah, it might improve your overall sex life, too.

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