As I mentioned in some post last year, there are certain kinds of movies that I so much would like to use as an excuse to drag my lazy ass to the cinema, but usually they are in "limited release" and that here in Germany often means they are shown in 20 cinemas for one weekend and then no more and to add to that bad situation, none of those cinemas ever seems to be near me. One such movie that suffered this fate is Fanboys, which I finally had the chance of seeing on DVD. I will not spoil it for you, as the movie’s title pretty much covers it, when you add Star Wars vs. Star Trek to the game and take a guess what it aims at, but trust me, it does so in a quite funny way. Naturally, the movie was full of stereotypes and cliché, but it always kept a good balance, after all. Myself being a mild case of a Trekker, I could quite well relate to some of the weird things that fans do and that must look extremely strange to outsiders. The film even playfully exploits this by taking every opportunity to interpret every day situations as reincarnations of one or the other franchise, quite often by just adding all those swooshes, bleeps and plongs in the soundtrack or using similar shot composition. The problem with this is of course, that after the first watching, those gags lose their momentum when viewing the film a second, third, fourth time, and that’s its weak point, as the characters themselves do not have enough of their own story to hold it together. I guess therefore it is even more regrettable I couldn’t see it in the cinema – would have made some good setting, because you’d literally have been surrounded by other fans.

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