Optical Flares + Knoll + Secret Ingredients = Awesomeness

One of my many obsessions in computer graphics is to observe how light behaves when it hits the camera. I’m an adamant observer of things like glows, refraction, dispersion, abberation and ultimately also lens flares and I take just as much joy in re-creating those things myself as I take quite a bit of pleasure in disecting other people’s work. I just hate cheap and goofy artificial lens flares as they are so often used in movies and commercials and I really wished some plug-in vendors would stop selling their crappy offerings on that end. Knoll Light Factory has always been one of the better ones and while it’s realyl beginning to look old and a bit dated, it still holds up nicely. However, it needs to watch out for the latest addition to the family by ways of Video Copilot‘s Optical Flares plug-in, which I must say is nothing short of awesome. I had the great pleasure of testing it and developing some presets for it and it really blows pretty much every one else’s "Me, too!" lens flare tool out of the water. Especially the trigger system lifts it to new heights – never before was it possible to make things look so natural. Now of course, being the nerd I am, I’m never satisfied with anything and must admit that it still has some weak areas, but that’s what other tools still can be good for. So if you have Knoll and know your way around creating some additional elements manually as used in my old lens flare project, you should be good to go. And to help you even further, I will share some of the presets I created soon-ish on my content pages. Ain’t that something?

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