Silent Updates for Acrobat/ Adobe Reader?

Ah yes, now Adobe, too, think they can solve their security problems (which ultimately always are either software design flaws or lack of quality assurance testing) by pushing updates and patches more aggressively. That is, soon you will have yet another app that takes forever to start up or bogs down your system because – oh yes – it’s time for a silent update. As a minor, it will add yet another of those annoying tray pop-ups with "Updates are ready for your computer, please leave us in peace and have another cup of coffee while we download and install.". *yikes* Now that all wouldn’t be so bad, but what really bakes my noodle, is that apparently there is a misconception at the mighty Adobe tower that their installer works. We all know that it doesn’t and that having any other of their programs on the system can prevent updates of application X, so let’s all look forward to these security updates getting stuck in the forever loop and those cute little pop-ups bugging you for the rest of eternity. *sigh*

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