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As I mentioned in some post last year, there are certain kinds of movies that I so much would like to use as an excuse to drag my lazy ass to the cinema, but usually they are in "limited release" and that here in Germany often means they are shown in 20 cinemas for one […]

Optical Flares + Knoll + Secret Ingredients = Awesomeness

One of my many obsessions in computer graphics is to observe how light behaves when it hits the camera. I’m an adamant observer of things like glows, refraction, dispersion, abberation and ultimately also lens flares and I take just as much joy in re-creating those things myself as I take quite a bit of pleasure […]

Math.pow(2,64) – More Goodness

As I mentioned in this older post, After Effects CS5 will be a native 64bit program, which is some people’s most wanted feature, others’ most dreaded one. Reasons for fearing this day go far and wide from being stuck with an older computer that cannot be outfitted with 64bit-ness to issues with Quicktime to simply […]

When Hell freezes over…

Well, chances of that cosy warm place getting covered with a shield of ice are diminishing, as it’s getting a bit more bearable at the moment temperature-wise and that being so, I took the chance to update my After Effects Error Code Database and the After Effects Plug-In Guide as long as I’m stuck at […]

Rejoice, oh greatly, People of Adobe land!

Best news of the day: In a stroke of sudden elightenment, Adobe will do away with the deactivation limit as of January 15th. This is really a move in the right direction. Many users that need to manage their activations of Adobe software because they travel a lot or work in different fixed locations can […]

Scientific Breakthrough: It’s cold in Winter!

You know, I heard something really stupid today: Some strange economy analysts indeed had the audacity to complain about the weather, citing up to 2 billion in "damage" because construction gangs and all the people around them cannot work when it’s constantly snowing and temperatures are so cold, the ground is frozen hard. It’s really […]

Patch this!

Should you be one of the unlucky users who have to deal with the atrocious EPS format in your daily work and happen to work with Illustrator, you might find this security update relevant. Someone even had the good senses to make this a simple extract&copy procedure instead of an installable patch. Keep ’em comin’, […]