Trailer Alert!

Woohoo! A lot of new trailers and clips have popped up this week just in time to wet your appetite and beg your granny for an extra tenner on Christmas Eve so you can go to the cinema.

First there was some behind the scenes stuff for Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time. Never played the game (not even the old ones way back 10 years ago) so I can’t say much about the story. It looks okay, but being a Jerry Bruckheimer film, one shouldn’t expect this to be more deep than a shallow puddle. It’s all about fancy dresses, prude pseudo-erotics and obviously a lot of Jake Gyllenhall‘s abs.

Next there were some snippets of Sherlock Holmes. That one indeed seems to be a good movie. It particularly pleases me to see that they have not made the mistake of baroque-ing it up, more properly reflecting the look of the era. Most other adaptions of the material are way too aristocratic. The fake english accents don’t work too well and sound nothing like the real thing, but Robert Downey Jr. seems to otherwise fill the role perfectly as does Jude Law as Dr. Watson.

Another film featuring Downey is of course Iron Man 2. Strangely, I got all excited about the first part because of the sarcasm and cynicism in the trailers for the first part (which is also one of the reasons I dig Lord of War with Nic Cage), but never watched the movie, not even on DVD. Maybe it’s time to catch up in preparation for a visit to the cinema? The second part sure looks as funny as the first one.

Last in the list is the remake of Clash of the Titans. To my chagrin there’s no mechanical owl in this one (one of the best ideas in the old version) nor are there any Ray Harryhausen stop motion figures, but it looks okay. I say okay, because I’m really not sure if we need more Krakkens, oversize scorpions and strange dragon-like creatures. Seems to me a bit like too much throwing together different mythologies and modern fantasy when at the heart it really should be about Greek/ Roman gods and their pet monsters.

There’s one thing all of the movies have or had in common: Again, the creativity of movie title designers when it comes to typeface selection seems to be limited to Bank Gothic. Maybe because it begins with B and always is on top of the font list? Anyway, it sucks, when on 100+ million movies there’s not 40 bucks for buying a font. Even without thinking, I can easily make up a list with 20 entries that have used the same typeface (including Star Trek, Terminator – Salvation and Transformers this year alone).

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