Back from Hell

In case someone didn’t notice: I have been quite occupied with a heavy 3D project those last 5 weeks. While I have tried to keep up my forum patrol, it has prevented me from working on other ends. That not only includes software testing for a few developers I’m involved with, but also following my own projects. You know, I have this nice Wacom tablet now, and haven’t had any opportunity to really do something with it like drawing some gay porn mangas or whatever other type of work aspiring illustrators/ painters usually do. *lol*

I also literally haven’t gotten any work done on new content for my download section. I was actualyl shocked to see that my last project was published in July and it was a small one at that. I’ll try to make up for it by offering more project downloads soon. Of course I always say that and then something else comes up, but on the bright side, I have a few projects 80-90% ready and it is reasonable to assume that I will be able to publish them. In particular I have been dabbling a bit with Digieffects Freeform and will provide a number of projects involving it. Unfortunately, though, my enthusiasm on one project was curbed at some point – all that vertex pushing and pulling became to tiresome, caused a lot of crashes and ultimately the linear interpolation for animation prevented me to get it working in teh way I wanted. I’ll therefore now have to do some re-purposing and change it a bit to be usable without any animation.

To those who ever wondered what happened to the projects from my old website: they are alive and kicking, but that doesn’t mean I will publish them in their current form beyond the ones I already have. As my experience in structuring the projects and expressions code has grown over the years, I find that a lot of the things I did back then are actually quite badly put together, so they are all candidates for reworking them. Strangely, of course this leads to the above phenomenon of some of that stuff being "in the pipeline" forever, half finished, half unfinished. Whether they therefore will ever reappear all is your guess as good as mine, but I’m trying, trust me.

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