Reunification Day

In case anybody didn’t notice: Today is the 20th anniversary of German Reunification. If you couldn’t tell it by the date on the calendar, you certainly could by all those crappy shows on TV telling us East German people what we allegedly all did wrong from a West German perspective. Quite tiring, to say the least, as one would think after 20 years everything has been covered, but just like the post World War II Nazi hunt, this one will probably be with us for another 50 years. It’s even more regrettable, since it only furthers an already biased perception. Instead of seeing for themselves, many of those people don’t have the slightest clue what went on here before the big turnover nor do they really seem to care. Hard facts aside like unemployment still being twice as high here compared to the Western parts, it is actually those West Germans being more prejudiced towards us then we are to them. Some people just don’t seem to have any interest in getting hands-on experience and pull quite a few stereotypes, something which I regularly encounter when being in some of those cities in the West. As if we all were stupid…

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