Election Day! (once more)

For the third time this year I dragged my body early out of bed (for a Sunday, that is) and threw my candidates list in the ballot box. After communal elections in April, state election in August today it is time to vote for the German Bundestag (parliament) and in turn of course for who becomes the next chancelor and will rule this country for the next 5 years. While there is little doubt that CDU (Christian Democrats) and Angela Merkel will take the lead, their basis for power is certain to change this time. I for one hope that FDP (Liberal Party) isn’t going to gain too much ground, so the current grand coalition of CDU and SPD (Social Democrats) remains at least an option, with a strong dose of opposition from Die Grünen (Greens) and Die Linke (Socialist Party). People constantly complain, but given the current crises everywhere, we could do worse and strangely, even with opposite political views, the current alliances seem to get along quite well…

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