The saddest Thing on Earth

I’m really a bit sad today and kinda not at peace with myself. When I was cycling home, I almost munched a little hedgehog. You know, little bugger sat there cowered in a hole in the road and only when it moved slightly I realized it couldn’t possibly be a stone. If that wasn’t enough, the fella was really weak and sick. The few tippy-toe steps he did were all shaky and he was plastered with flies laying their eggs in his wounds, eyes and nose. I was really torn in two. I really didn’t have a way of taking him with me safely, as much as I wanted it. On the other hand, any interference may just have prolonged his suffering for a few more hours. It’s really hard facing such decisions once you come to them. It always looks so easy on those TV shows – save a critter, save the world and feel good. But is it so bad to let nature run its course? Isn’t that what evolution and "survival of the fittest" really is about? Quite difficult. I just hope he found himself a quiet, restful place, so when he leaves this world, he can go in peace. My thoughts are with him.

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