Two stupid Twins

Just today some weird thing happened: A movie was plugged on JoBlo and on a Cinema 4D forum. Of course for different reasons – while on site goes crazy over this being yet another potentially good foreign movie, the other goes crazy because their 3D program was used for some of its special effects. Neither of the two however has any solid value beyond a certain fanboy character. One can do pretty decent effects even with free programs these days (Blender, anyone?) and just because its from Switzerland, it doesn’t make this an art house movie as most Americans seem to believe. Even here in Europe, what hits the big screen consists of 80% crap and i would add this movie to that category. After just seeing the trailer, I felt like I’d already seen the whole film. You know, multi-year space trip and you’re not alone. Sounds all too familiar? Exactly! What’s making it even worse, is that there’s just another movie like it about to come out. Twin brother Pandorum just covers the same topic. In the end, it certainly won’t make much of a difference whether the evil ones are some mutants, aliens or psyched out other humans – the plot is as thin and diluted as a drop of lemon juice in a bottle of Volvic mineral water. You literally already know where this is going by the time you drop your ass on the cinema seat. By comparison, that makes movies like Sunshine look like masterpieces of suspense and storytelling. That one at least had some good stuff for the first hour before it degenerated into this silly monster hunt.

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