Renaissance du Cinema

It would seem that after what felt like 2 years without some real good movies, the end of this year and the next two years are all trying to make up for it. Of course it wasn’t all that bad with Wall•E, Star Trek and a few others sprinkled in, but the number of films that would lure me into going to the cinema is very low compared to a few years back. You know, it’s all too often this hollow experience of watch it – be impressed by the visuals – forget what you just saw. I really do miss some good stories that resonate a while without resorting to the overly head-heavy art house movies just as I miss some good comedic stuff that really doesn’t have to resort to stereotypical and old jokes. Luckily, that seems to change. On the more serious side, Public Enemies and The Hurt Locker look like they deserve some attention. Not sure, though, whether they make good stuff to start the weekend, so I’ll probably still wait for them to come out on DVD. On the animated movie front, of course there’s Up, but as I wrote a few days ago, I think Ponyo will be just as lovable. Coraline is yet another of those frame by frame movies that is conceptually and visually slightly exotic, which makes it even more interesting. I’ve always loved this Tim-Burton-esque playing with surrealistic, overstylized looks and weird environments and I actually wished, more films were like that. The master himself has also been at it again with Alice in Wonderland, but from the first trailer I’m not yet a 100% convinced. The similarly out of this world The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus on first sight seems to beat it in several aspects. It remains to be seen which of them goes better with the crowd. Somewhat a cross-breed between the animated and weird, but not quite, is A Christmas Carol, based on Jim Carrey‘s facial gymnastics. Apart from the fact that you can’t go wrong with christmas movies, this one could be potentially as funny as How the Grinch stole Christmas. Other funny movies include Inglorious Basterds and Fanboys, the latter of which unfortunately is not showing in a cinema near me, even though it has been out now for two weeks, so yet one more candidate for DVD consumption. Just the opposite, Shutter Island looks like it’s gonna make an interesting psycho horror flick. I’m not a fan of DiCaprio‘s, as he has been mis-cast for so many movies which in turn ruined them for me, but he can play those psyched-up types as evidenced in The Aviator, so this may be good. A topic, that is quite popular with emo teens and goth fans ever since Buffy, are vampire movies. I’ve never been into any of this, not even Underworld, but recently announced Daybreakers explores an interesting concept, so I might watch it. On the other hand there’s Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant and Zombieland, which put a funny take on the matter and both are so hilariously over the top, they could make good Halloween fun movies. And finally, like so many, of course I look forward to the sci-fi geek being served with City of Ember, Tron Legacy and Avatar. I even found myself watching the original Tron the other day just to refresh my memory.

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