Papa was a Rolling Stone Shutter

The Foundry have released a new plug-in that tackles a problem commonly associated with digital cameras – rolling shutter, which is an artifact of slow switching times and line-by-line reading of the camera sensor. Surprise, surprise, they even named the plug-in just that. Apparently everyone can afford a camera these days, whether it’s a misused budget fun photo cam or a dedicated professional video camera, so the problem applies to many. I’m just not sure, if shelving out 500 bucks is really worth it. That might make sense if you own a RED cam or similarly pricey equipment, but for cheap cameras you could spend that money much better on simply finding model with less disturbance. Of course that all depends on your requirements and what you consider sufficient quality. I for one can live with curved edges on home movies, but surely would hate to see them on a commercial production…

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