Lara, I give up on you!

There was a time when I was really enthusiastic and looking forward to trying out Tomb Raider – Underworld, but after I finally afforded myself that small luxury, it seems it doesn’t work out. I really give up on that one. Not that it’s infinitely difficult or something, but as I mentioned in my first observations, the controls can drive you nuts. Okay, one can get used to the many buttons, but what’s really making me bite the table is the twitchiness of the directional controls, the really poor collision detection and all that combined with that third-person camera never looking where you want it too. I mean, that lady really has some melons up- and downstairs, but her curvy body should not prevent her from getting where I want her to go. Seeing her fall off a ledge, that in other games probably could be reached with the simplest of jumps, is not so funny anymore after it happens the 20th time and you already spent an hour solving a room. All that just because after your heroine died, you were always reset to the point where you entered it and have to climb every single step again. No, sorry, that’s simply not what I call a satisfying experience. As one would say when asked on a Beta "It stinks, I cannot work with it."

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