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Porn is bad for your Computer!

Be warned, friends, having Natasha from Moscow showing you here tits and pussy can be quite dangerous to your computer. Can’t say that enough, and yet ma little bro was stupid enough to do just that. Got him a quite persistent visit from Zlob.B. I guess it makes the old days, where people jerked off […]

Sleep no more!

Something a little more esoteric to post – Michel Coleman does the "cutie on his pillow" impression in his blog. The Creative Suite Pillows can be bought from this site, and if it wasn’t for the shipping cost, it would probably even make a fun buy for home decoration. Well, I guess painting my walls […]

The Joy of Sex, errm, Software Development

While I have had several more generic posts on software development in the past, this one kinda illustrates the point of the intricacies quite well in more detail. However, I do not fully agree with some of what is written there. I’ve always been opposed to the notion of "a simple feature" commonly used by […]

Fat-free Terabyte Disks?

For reasons of backing up my ever larger getting masses of data, I had to take the plunge and get me one of those Terabyte disks, a Western Digital My Book 1TB, more specifically. What I never really understood, is how manufacturers actually think that FAT-formatted disks would be of interest to anyone but an […]

A Letter from Sioux City

On Thursday I got this cute little Thank You! card from the Sioux City Fab Four. Lovely. Reminded me to take a look at their website again after a long time and it seems, the little potato faces are doing well.