“Geld alleine reicht nicht im Leben,…

…man muss auch Zeit haben, es auszugeben." ("Money alone is not enough in life, you have to have time to spend it.") is the credo of one of my favorite German movies called Jetzt oder Nie – Zeit ist Geld (Now or Never – Time is money). I saw it first alone back in 2001 and then again with one of my ex-boyfriends way back then and we both laughed our ass off, which probably is why it is so burned into my memory. The story of those elderly ladies trying to go on one last big trip, losing all the money in a bank robbery only to decide to get it back in a robbery of their own, all surrounded by running out of time because someone’s dying from cancer and those women being so unlike your average grandma, makes this one of the most hilarious and heartwarming stories I know. It’s full of those little melancholic moments, all with a smile on the face. Now it seems, time is catching up, and Gudrun Okras, playing Carla, has died at the age of 79, only a few weeks after Christel Peters, playing Meta, passed on at the age of 90. I’m usually not one to get too crazy over people dying, as death is a normal part of life and I’ve seen so many people go beyond already at a very young age, but this one’s close to my heart somehow. Says Meta in prison, while Carla is fading away in the bed:

Ich kann weinen, wenn Carla tot ist, ich kann lachen, wenn sie lebt.
(I can weep, if Carla is dead, I can laugh, when she’s alive.)

Replies Lilly, as Carla is dead:

So, jetzt, kannste weinen!
(Well, now you can weep!)

Indeed we can weep now. A great actress has left us.

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