Coolest Movie on the planet?

Well, it’s Comic Con for our American friends. While my love for anything comic is close to zero, the event as such carries some importance outside that genre, due to several big movies being announced there or for the first time or already announced movies showing footage and providing more info. That does not include anything of Avatar yet, though. From what little is available as concept art, to me it looks just like another fantasy mercenary film, so I’m not nearly half as excited as some others that claim to have seen some teaser footage.

D-9 is another such odd movie I can’t really get to grips with. Really, the aliens look like shit and terribly uninspired (for reference: that insectoid alien type has been tried with N’Grath in Babylon 5 as well as several incarnations in Star Trek series, so it really isn’t that original) and whether the secret agent story and underlying greater plot can hold up, is another question.

Tim Burton‘s latest, Alice in Wonderland, unfortunately also failed to win me over so far. the character design is the weird and surrealist stuff you’ve come to expect from Mr. Burton and Johnny Depp‘s Mad Hatter will certainly be one more gem of acting, but the trailer left that strange emptiness that tells me that this is not a must-see movie, at least not on the big screen. There is too much conventional and kitsch stuff that I wouldn’t expect from a movie for grown ups.

So the one really interesting movie that remains is Tron Legacy, formerly known as Tro2n. Just by looking at the teaser footage, this one has me giddy as hell. It has written "cool" all over the place and already opens up so many questions.

  • There’s a new fraction not part of the original movie, this time tinted yellow. Mmh…
  • The light cycles can now do curves. I’m not too fond of the idea, as their being tied to a grid in the first part was a pretty good storytelling device and had a deeper meaning. One could only argue, that after the whole world had been liberated, so was (data) traffic.
  • The whole world is pretty 3-dimensional, but looks a bit empty. That "New York City" skyline clichĂ© seems a bit overused nowadays and surely some other metaphor would have worked better.
  • In the trailer, Flynn is pretty clearly inside the virtual world. Was he abducted there once more and is being held hostage or did he go there voluntarily to supervise the well-being of his bits and bytes? Apparently things aren’t going so well and he is in chagrin over it.
  • So much to ponder on… If the final movie keeps up the density of atmosphere, it’s surely going to be great.

    And for all the latest news on films, stop by at JoBlo. They have this strange obsession with chicks, boobs and butts, but I always get giggles from reading their articles. So lovely and brutally honest.

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