The Mass Animation Project

I’ll admit that I really don’t pay that much attention to motionographer anymore. What once was an interesting source for inspiration, has become a place, where the dullness of the ever-repeating latest ugly commercials (you know, if it’s ugly, it’s art or something like that) and reels has taken over and motion graphics artists, who probably haven’t even watched some movie classics, let alone have any clue about cinematic camera work and storytelling, pose as directors. That, and of course Justin‘s fluffy and colorful glorification of the matter getting on my nerves. However, that particular post piqued my interest. So let me share my views on the matter, based on the original post and some of the comments.

  • Agreed, it looks like shit. The whole animation is worse than some of Walt Disney‘s earliest attempts to create cartoons with inanimate objects, the texturing and lighting looks all wrong and it is grossly uninspired.
  • Opens up opportunities? Not in a million years! Even the "lucky ones" making the top 51 will quickly be forgotten. Who really cares for such a project, when anyone visiting specific forums could list just as many talented people exposing themselves there? And is there even any value being listed in some credits on a movie on position 2058? It’s no different than talent shows on TV – exploit, then throw away.
  • Assuming, against all odds, the previous worked, would it even be desirable to work in a Hollywood company or some other such shop? After all, don’t they all just work? Couldn’t you actually be a lot happier by working in a smaller company near you, where people speak your language and you are not cut off from your family? Would you even be happy at a studio like Pixar, when all they ever let you do is model props all day and even those nobody ever sees because they are in the dark or blurred by DOF? Wouldn’t you have much more satisfaction with your work, if you really can influence it and make creative decisions upon it instead of being tied to a rigid storyboard and production schedule?
  • Lowest Bidders. Mmh, well, you have cheapskates in every walk of life, but we all know the truth: You get what you pay for. Even people who may totally enthusiastic the first time around, will not particularly like selling their skin below price the second and third time. And naturally, nobody can make a living just by being giving. I should know – if I had to live from people’s donations, I’d be long sleeping in a cardboard box under a bridge.
  • Spec work. We all do it, because it can be fun even if we get never paid for any of it. Nonetheless many customers indeed exploit that goodwill and more than doing the work, it is actually that shady motivation of prospective clients that spoils the fun. You know, no point in even trying to come up with something extraordinary, when you know that after seeing your concept he’s running off to the next company, asking if they can do it cheaper.
  • I could go on, but generally I think you can see that I’m not too fond of the idea. In a way it’s actually even worse than other creative contests – at least those offer high-value prizes instead of just throwing you stinkin’ 500 bucks after 3 months of working your ass off…

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