Oh my gosh, one week since posting last! I guess I’m just lucky it’s holiday season and since everybody is on some nice beach or hiking in the mountains, fewer people notice. I myself have been extremely busy with my 3D project, so there has not been much time to do anything else. I even found myself working on the weekend, which I usually try to avoid – there has to be some days not related to anything associated with work. unfortunately the heat hasn’t made it easier, either. On Friday we had a whoppin’ 35 C in the shade, so you can imagine how that makes you feel when you sit in front of your monitors. So in essence there is really nothing to report, but just a reassurance that I’m still here. Maybe the next few weeks will allow me to work on a few other things and share some info and opinions here. After all, SIGGRAPH is soon and one or the other interesting news may arrive.

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