…no, not the movie (It’s only launching in August here in Germany), but probably my brain is up there somewhere. It’s been so damned hot this week, besides posting a little here and there I didn’t really get anything done. I tried, but trust me, focusing on trigonometry, vector math and the finer points of physics-based animation is close to impossible with 28 degree C in the shade. So nothing new to report in terms of new projects to keep you happy with downloads. In more pleasing news, I’ve landed myself a small 2.5 week part-time 3D gig via my former and possibly again future employer (yes, call me lame, but I really enjoy working there even if the pay sucks), so maybe there’s a streak of hope somewhere that things will get back on track after all. If someone still wants to ride to my rescue – feel free to dump your millions or at least a contract with a decent monthly salary at me. On the downside of course this means, that just like this last week I may not get much done with my personal experiments, but you know how it is: Without money you are nothing in this system called capitalism, so this has to take priority as much as I may not like it. At least tomorrow evening I will have something relaxing to look forward – they’re running the Cirque‘s Kooza again, and even though I will have to watch it in lo quality via web streaming (because I’m without cable TV), I will definitely enjoy it in all its child-like flamboyancy.

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