Your favorite Series on iTunes in HD? Think twice, Stupid!

*Uah*, I still have goose bumps from the cold shivers (and that on a day with 29 degree C in the shade) that I got when seeing this. Okay, here’s the deal: After an eternity of selling us crappy series that can be had in the "budget" tray at your favorite DVD outlet way over price on iTunes, we’ve finally been deemed worthy of some HD treatment. And what does Apple do? Judging from the previews I saw of Battlestar Galactica, they mess up again! The visual quality is just downright a disaster and nowhere near comes close to what you are used to from their trailer site or elsewhere. In fact a lot of it looks so noisy and soft, it could pass as upscaled SD video. Shelve out 3 Euros for this? Not in a million years! You know, I’m reasonably sure you could find torrents of the original SciFi broadcast in HD that look better than this. What adds an extra level of unattractiveness to the whole thing for me, is of course that it’s all with German voiceover. As a loyal fan, I’ve had the DVD sets in English for a while now, and it’s really making my ears bleed to hear those once more poorly done translations and utterly unfitting selection of voice talents. So do the only sensible thing you can, people: Save the money, wait for the BluRay.

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