Europe needs You!

It’s really a sad day for Europeans like me, seeing which way today’s elections went. Okay, we always knew the the Brits never were Europeans to begin with, but it’s really disappointing to see how they turned their internal problems into yet another excuse to not become a full member of the family. That’s more than a little weird, considering that just 2 months ago they were screaming to get in because their economy, still tied to the Pound, is in shambles. Of similar concern to me is, how in many countries there is a notable shift towards reactionist parties down to openly endorsing ethnic and political discrimination. Certainly not fitting, when countries like Hungary, Slovakia or even Poland are the ones having benefited considerably from joining the EU. Naturally, that is also owed to the low level of participation – when few utter their voice, the ones that can mobilize most of their followers skew the result. Of course that part is utterly understandable. Even I really have no clue who our German representatives are and what they do all day, because, and that’s entirely their fault, they simply cannot expect people to know them, when they only stick their heads out every 5 years for 2 months, but the rest of the time conveniently hide in Brussels or Strasbourg…

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