The End of a Great Saga

Ever since my DVD set of Battlestar Galactica – The Final Season arrived on Wednesday, I’ve been watching it like crazy. Okay, I admit, I’ve read the synopses already on SciFi, but the real experience is always a different thing, of course. I’m still kinda torn in two on the matter. Sure, there was some cool story twists, but the final resolution of the story arc was just sort of wasted. In part that is of course owed to the whole series having been cut short. It really could have needed a 5th season to flesh out some storylines, but with all the bad things happening behind the scenes, that seemed a very far possibility. It’s really sad that the end had to come so soon. Anyway, let me sum up the good and bad:

  • I really love, how Cnl. Saul Tigh got back his beloved Ellen. He’s been my favorite character from the start (probably because he’s so much like me – loyal, unwavering, never afraid to piss of people, yet full of doubt all the time and with all too human failings).
  • At the end, I really hated Felix Gaeta and it’s actually a good thing he got shot. His character has been so weak, he never took off and his mutiny came across too half-hearted. perhaps it would have been a good idea to blow him up on New Caprica two seasons back
  • Gaius Baltar is just brilliant. With all his cynical attitude, who would have thought that he’d be one of the few standing on the side of the true victors, that is not losing anyone he holds dear and ultimately being the salvation of all? I love it.
  • We got to see some decent effects. Actually, for whatever reason, in all the time, we get to see some more of Galactica than CIC, hangars, bunks, and sickbay. The same for some of that Cylon stuff. I’m just not sure, why they dragged out the 1st generation centurions, when allegedly they had nothing to do with the humanized models in the first place. Kind of a too big plot hole for my taste.
  • Mmh, yeah, are we human or what? Dunno, I can’t get to grips with some of the more mythical concepts in these last episodes. Kara Thrace possibly not being either Human or Cylon, but some kind of guardian angel or messenger from God is kinda a goofy idea. Of course this leaves ample room for speculation and opportunities to play with her character in the spin-off series Caprica, nonetheless it’s unsatisfying. Another illogical thing is, that the 13th tribe, and therefeore The Final Five, should all by themselves just have been Cylons without interacting with others. I mean, it’s inconclusive to assume that a remote tribe with high technology would never have made any attempts to contact their progenitors/ creators. And then, 2000 years seems a short period of time for them to lose any memory of their former existance, even if being manipulated by the Cavils (brilliant: Dean Stockwell). If you turn that upside down, couldn’t it just as wel lbe possible, that all the “humans” are just some different form of Cylons that likewise have no recollection of their original existance? In my opinion, that would have made for a much cooler resolution.
  • Okay, there’s too much sour morality near the end with all that talk about robots being bad and attempts to make them human and whatever. Especially in the final episode it’s kinda weird to see some Japanese plastic robots being shown with some of those lines in mind. C’mon, we’re not there yet at all and no need to play the Terminator card.
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