Some Advise for the Young at Heart

I apologize to Andrew and all the others beforehand, but I can’t help but feel compelled to write this. Lately I’m reading quite a lot "How can I do this with Sure Target?" or "I’ve spent hours modifying Andrews presets and it still does not look right." and frankly it’s beginning to reach a level that’s hard to tolerate. What’s really ticking me off, is that such stuff seems to become more and more a cheap excuse to not use your brains. Therefore consider the following:

  • All these tutorials, presets and and stock projects offer a specific solution to a specific problem based on the tools a program offers anyway. Sure Target allowing you to easily manipulate a camera and move between different 3D layers does not mean you cannot do so without it.
  • It may be possible to modify such content, but only within the limits it was designed for. It will never be possible to craft an all out solution that covers all possible aspects. i know that al ltoo well – some of my expression-driven projects have hundreds of custom options, yet they will often require adding another one just for a given task because I didn’t think of this option at the time I crafted it or didn’t need it.
  • When viewing tutorials, suck up their essence, not their fancies! You can watch all the tutorials in the world, but if all you can ever do is re-create what’s shown, you will never evolve into a full-blown artist. Make it a point to learn the techniques, not focus on the result they may be used for.
  • Work on your own ideas! Copying the same theme over and over will get you nowhere. Neither will it help you to find a job nor will at some point potential clients hire you if all you can give them is the same stuff you did last week for another client. Sites like iStock or Revostock are full of clips based on tutorials and nobody will pay you a day of work when he cvan have it for 10 bucks there.
  • Be patient! Some things come at a price and Andrew, Harry, Aharon, Jerzy, John and all the others wouldn’t be where they are now, if not years of practice and experience had put them in that position. Don’t always go looking for easy solutions when times get tough!
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