We have a Hotte*!

It’s one of those Saturdays that is full of events. First of course is our presidential (re-)election of Horst Köhler. Of course he didn’t have any real competition – how could anyone have have thought, that Gesine Schwan, after losing out 5 years again would win this time around? I sure would have hated to see such a person with questionable loyalties and lack of integrity represent our country or having the final say-so about passing laws, even, as in many other European countries, the position is more one of formal representation and chancelors and prime ministers do the important work. I’m glad we now can look forward to anotehr 5 years of having someone I trust run the show, so all the best wishes from my end.

On a similar note, today happens to be the 60th anniversary of constitutionalising this, our country. Okay, it’s only my country for 19 years now, but still, I tend to think that keeping a country stable for 60 years is not such a minor feat, especially with challenges such as the reunification of Germany or the current economic crisis. There are enough examples that turned for worse, in particular Eastern Block states after they abolished the old system.

Finally, our national soccer league (Bundesliga) came to a close this weekend and of course everybody was watching with great anxiety. There were many close calls this time around, unlike in other years, where everything was decided weeks ago. The most outstanding thing being probably, that neither Bayern München nor Werder Bremen who had won the cup several times in the last years were at the top, but rather VfL Wolfsburg stole the crown. At least Volkswagen‘s sponsorship paid off once – after 64 years without title.

*Hotte refers to a colloquial form of Horst

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