Love! Valor! Compassion! – Not with Brüno!

I accidentally stumbled upon this when I was browsing JoBlo for the latest movie gossip and it’s so hilarious, I have to plug it here. Okay, Sacha Baron Cohen has always been beyond the edge of good taste in Borat and Ali G., but by bringing one of his characters in a full-time installment to the big screen in The Brüno Movie, tops it off. I was giggling all the time while watching the trailer and of course, being gay/ queer/ homosexual [insert your favorite colloquial here] myself had sort of a revelation. It’s so quite fitting to see him use all these sterotypes people have and not only turn them into a caricature, but also how he reveals some of gay people’s behaviors getting on the nerves of other people. Quite telling. Of course it’s true, and then it’s not, but hey, it’s a movie, after all. You didn’t think Bulgaria to be on some other planet after Borat, either, didn’t you? On the other hand, if you ever wanna watch a good and mature “gay” movie, give Love! Valor! Compassion! a try. It’s also quite funny in its own way, yet doesn’t descend into overdoing too much or strange emo stuff. The only thing I don’t get, is why anglophone people think it’s funny to use umlauts and other non-native letters to give names and titles a twist.

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