Migration: Day 2

Continuing yesterday’s marathon, more observations about the interesting sides of getting a new computer.

  • Goodness, have I been collecting over those years… Transferring and backing up all 350 GB of files took almost all night and that doesn’t even include any large footage items….
  • File indexing is annoying, especially with so many smaller files. It takes forever and only makes your harddisks produce extra noise. It’s really better to leave it off.
  • Buying a computer that has a slightly oversized casing makes sure you get some extra workout. I had to adjust some boards in my IKEA furniture so the machine fitted where I wanted it.
  • Someone really should hurry up with coming up with ways to transfer electricity without cables. Untangling the ones you put in place a few years ago and finding elegant ways to bundle and tie together the new ones, so you don’s strangle yourself (or your favorite pet, when it comes near the machine), is an art in itself. It’s amazing, that in all those years nobody has managed to produce an universal connector/ cable combo system for home use that would spare one the trouble of having to deal with 10 different plug/ socket combos and non-ideal lengths of cables.
  • Transferring your iTunes Library is no laughing matter. The weird thing is, that the program itself provides a million ways to export the playlists and backup your media, but in no place does it package up everything for a one-click transfer to a new system. Luckily I did a little digging and it seems, on instinct I opted for the right method, which is to copy all your media in a neutral place, modify the XML file to point to the new location, then import the external library into your otherwise empty new iTunes Library, consolidate, delete the external files. *phew* Quite some jumping hoops and I was afraid all the time I’d lose something. But that’s not all, the second annoyance comes up when you plug in your iPod and it needs to be reloaded fully, just because the program changed some IDs around. *yikes*
  • Concluding thoughts tomorrow…

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