OVO – oh-ho!

Well, just had a “divine inspiration” and stopped by at the site of Cirque du Soleil to check on their latest show. Surprise, surprise, the info is already in place and the show is called OVO which means egg, based on the Latin ovum. Now at least the cat’s out of the bag and we can wait for next year. Mr. Laliberté has been busy hiring some acts that have earned some prizes at various international circus festivals over the last 2 or 3 years (thanks to his considerable purse, which is now way beyond the 1 billion turnover mark, no doubt), so this should be interesting and refreshing in some way. The show being themed around insects also offers potential for funky custumes and decoration aplenty, but that’s probably a matter of personal taste. I prefer the more classical and abstract decors of the older shows or new shows like Chris Angel Believe as opposed to the more figurative, realworld style as used in Varekai or (see this article). That is, in terms of presenting non-human characters. Latex body parts and bolstered, puffy suits just don’t look cool, sexy or artistically inspired, more like clown costumes for carnival or children birthdays. Another thing that makes me feel a bit uneasy is, that Ovo was also one of Peter Gabriel‘s great concerts/ shows and I like that one a lot. So the bar is high for the Cirque‘s latest show to capture my heart. At least it breaks the line of all the recent shows somehow beginning with Z (Zed, Zaia, Zumanity)…

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