For unto us a child – erm – program is born…

Forgive the shallow pun, but it’s quite fitting that in the year of Georg Friedrich Händel‘s death being a 250th anniversary, a program that shares the name with one of his most famous works, Messiah, has received some update. Of course I’m talking about PmG’s messiah Studio. What once started out as a plug-in for the then pretty crappy character animation tools in Lightwave, has evolved into a pretty solid animation and rendering package ever since v2 and it’s also probably one of the few really production-driven programs out there, as several of the developers earn their money as animators and effects specialists in their day jobs as opposed to the ivory towers with grey cubicle offices that most other commercially available software is being programmed in. The real big news is missing, but from available info it seems, that the new auto-rig system, performance and feature enhancements for hair, scene referencing and a native 64bit version could be worth every penny to those who are unhappy with what’s on offer in Lightwave, Cinema 4D or even MAX and Maya, which, given Lightwave Core being some time away still and Cinema 4D generally being pretty half-assed in several areas, should be a sizable number of users.

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