Docs torture for CIA

I’m usually trying to not post too much political stuff, but that one deserves attention. Info was leaked today from the International Red Cross, linking US Army medical personnel with the torture in Iraq, Guantanamo and possibly elsewhere. Okay, it’s not actually good, but don’t you ever watch spy flicks? When you’re torturing someone for information, you surely don’t want him to die or turn unconscious. I don’t find any of this worth making any note of. Yes, it happened in a democratic system, but frankly: Do you know what the KGB, Mossad, MI5 or even the BND are doing in your neighbor’s cellar or what happens everyday in some Asian, South American or African countries? Just weird when those people moaning about it forget to reset their own radar and do some reality check… The world is no Teletubbies garden and shit happens every day.

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